Camping generator company EcoFlow launches portable air conditioner Wave

May 20, 2022 0 Comments

Camping generator company EcoFlow recently launched EcoFlow Wave, a portable air conditioner, to expand its product line.

With the largest cooling capacity among battery-powered portable air conditioners, the EcoFlow Wave offers eight hours of run time and four flexible charging methods within a sleek, compact design that comes in at under 40 pounds, making it ideal for camping set-ups, RVs, and small apartments and cabins.

Weighing just under 40 pounds (17.5 kilograms) with an attachable battery pack that weighs approximately 16 pounds (7.5 kilograms), the EcoFlow Wave is portable enough to be carried while camping or traveling by RV. In addition, the EcoFlow Wave requires no set-up and can be easily controlled via the EcoFlow app.

The portable air conditioner also allows users to set their desired run times of up to eight hours, enough for a good night’s sleep, via the EcoFlow app or the timer button on the unit. With its Smart Battery Allocation Algorithm, it calculates the best running method of operations and alternates between cooling mode and fan mode based on the battery level. By doing so, the Smart Battery Allocation Algorithm can, at most, double the run time of the EcoFlow Wave.

EcoFlow Wave

To minimize the difficulty of charging outdoors, the EcoFlow Wave offers an industry- leading selection of charging methods including wall sockets, portable power stations, car charging, and solar panels.

Founded in 2017 in Shenzhen, EcoFlow is known for its innovations in the energy storage sector with its industry-leading portable power stations and renewable energy solutions. The EcoFlow Wave is EcoFlow’s first electrical appliance and marks a major expansion in its overall ecosystem.

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