Nike shuts down NRC app in China, says local version will be available soon

June 9, 2022 0 Comments

Nike issued a notice to users in mainland China on Wednesday, saying its Nike Running Club app will “cease service and operation” there starting July 8.

In a statement to press, a Nike spokesperson said that it would roll out a “localized” platform for Chinese runners in future, and continue to invest in updating its digital platforms in China.

“We are creating an ecosystem from China for China, specifically catered to the region’s unique consumer needs,” the representative said.

Citing sources, Chinese news outlet The Paper said the NRC app was temporarily shut down until data was transferred from Nike’s servers in the U.S. to its newly established technical team in Shenzhen. 

The Nike China Technology Center, which cost 1.3 billion in investment, has finished construction last year. According to the report, the center expects to complete deployment within three years and hire hundreds of local IT professionals and engineers to provide tailored services to local customers.

Not only the NRC App, but also the Nike App, SNKRS App and will be updated starting in July. 

China’s personal information protection law (PIPL), which took effect last November, could be a reason why Nike is taking this move. At the request of PIPL, critical information infrastructure operators or personal information processors handling large amounts of personal information store personal information locally in China.

The company also said it would raise its presence by pouring more resources into WeChat, the ubiquitous social app owned by Chinese tech behemoth Tencent. At present, the U.S. sportswear giant runs several mini program including Nike Training Club on the WeChat platform.

According to a company statement on the app, Nike Run Club, which allows users to track their runs and participate in challenges with friends, has more than 8 million users in China.

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