Microsoft plans to enter long-term rental market, starts hiring in China

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft is hiring for its Bing Real Estate Team in Suzhou, eastern China, focused on serving the long-term rental market.

“Are you interested in changing the real estate transaction (experience) and rental market? Are you interested in serving hundreds of millions of landlords and tenants around the world? Come join Bing Real Estate Team. Let’s improve the online transaction experience together,” the team said in its job posting released on April 18.

Bing Real Estate Team’s job posting on WeChat

Positions for software developers at all levels, product managers at all levels, and senior algorithm engineers are open, said the posting.

According to the job description page, Microsoft has a global team focused on the long-term rental business, led by STCA (Software Technology Center Asia).

“We’re transforming the real estate industry into a revolutionary state where all of the rental tasks are done entirely online,” the job description introduced. “Leveraging the great eco-system Microsoft has been building such as feeds, search engine, browser, and app, this investment has great growth opportunity and will empower people with rental need to find their dream house efficiently.”

Officially opened in 2013, the Microsoft Suzhou campus currently has more than 2,000 R&D talents and is still expanding.

Microsoft is testing the waters in different sectors. Last month, it internally piloted the cross-border e-commerce “Buy Microsoft” program, which will be open to more Chinese cross-border sellers once it is formally launched.

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