Huawei rolls out a cross-border e-commerce cloud service platform, providing one-stop services for sellers

April 28, 2022 0 Comments

China’s cross-border e-commerce, which has gained rapid growth during the pandemic, is attracting more infrastructure providers to join. On April 27, Huawei officially released a cloud-based cross-border e-commerce service platform at a conference in Shenzhen, vowing to provide convenient, intelligent, efficient, safe, and compliant services for sellers.

Michael, a senior operation manager of Huawei Cloud Enterprise Services, said at the conference that the cloud platform has joined hands with partners, including technical support, consulting, and ecological development, to launch SaaSPackage, a built-in one-stop solution for sellers. 

Cross-border e-commerce faces complex and strict laws and regulations, and compliance is the key to long-term development. Huawei Cloud said that it has cooperated with professional cross-border e-commerce service providers to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the compliance requirements of various countries, allowing sellers to focus more on growing their businesses.

Within Huawei Cloud’s platform, sellers will be able to set up their own cross-border e-commerce website, integrating customs, shipping, payment, and other services supplied by Huawei-partnered third-party providers.

Huawei Cloud’s cross-border e-commerce solution can also adapt to multi-language, multi-frontend, and multi-currency, as well as easily link to third-party logistics systems.

Huawei Cloud’s cross-border e-commerce solution

“We want to bring customers a quick and easy buying experience, and sellers an easy-to-use management system,” the company wrote on its cross-border e-commerce solutions page.

The telecommunication giant added that it won’t cross the line and remains focused on building cloud infrastructure services that could enable enterprises to operate their own e-commerce platforms and control consumer data.

The launch of the cloud-based cross-border e-commerce service platform signifies that Huawei is actively expanding the business scope of its cloud arm. The company has provided cloud services for a number of Internet companies targeting overseas markets, including solutions for games, audio and video.

In 2021, Huawei Cloud surpassed Tencent Cloud, becoming China’s second-largest cloud computing company with 18% market share.

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