AI company Tuoersi to provide virtual human SaaS solution in response to the rising demand

April 8, 2022 0 Comments

Tuoersi, a Beijing-based AI technology company recently disclosed that it’s planning to expand its metaverse business by rolling out virtual livestream shopping hosts, service virtual humans, and launching a virtual human SaaS platform. 

Founded in 1993, the company has over 8000 enterprise customers, including a number of major banks and publications in China, government agencies, and BMW. 

Tuoersi’s AI NLP(natural language processing) technology has been used to monitor content on media platforms, safeguarding patents, financial risk control and risk warning. According to Tuoersi, NLP is the “soul” of virtual humans, and “the jewel in the crown of artificial intelligence”, echoing NRTA’s initiative. 

In October 2021, China’s NRTA(National Radio and Television Administration) promoted the “strengthening of application of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain in content selection, material integration, editing and production, content inspection, media management and subtitle production” in the 14th Five-Year Plan. 

Previously, Tuoersi has launched virtual human “Xiaosi” during China’s winter Olympics, to narrate the event for China Sports Daily, a 64-years old state-owned publication. 

The company has subsequently developed a virtual human SaaS platform, which is still in trial. The platform will be used for future customers to browse Tuersi’s virtual human products and place orders in bulk. 

The company also sees a potential demand for “service virtual humans”, which can be applied to fields like finance, media, government, and others. According to Tuoersi, service virtual humans can replace humans in terms of work like intelligent customer service and contract inspection in financial enterprises, AI writing and content broadcasting in the media industry, and intelligent audit system of the Intellectual Property Office.

Cover image is Xiaosi from Tuoersi.

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